Window Security Bars

Window Security BarsHM Group’s non-rated window security bars and bar sets are constructed from 20mm solid steel bars, which are designed to rotate to prevent attack from potential intruders with tools such as hacksaws.

The bar sets are manufactured with no welds to reduce the risk of rust.

Perfect for buildings that want to present a clear visual deterrent to potential burglars and a cost effective and simple security barrier for offices, commercial and industrial units.

Anti Burglar Bars

Window Security Bars Features:

  • SIMPLE STRONG STEEL CONSTRUCTION – Using 38 x 38 x 2 steel box sections with 20mm solid steel Window Bars, the grilles are designed to enable face or reveal fixing. Intermediate middle boxes and brackets are also incorporated depending on overall opening sizes. These can be fitted internally or externally
  • NO WELD DESIGN – This allows the Window Bars to rotate through 360 degrees to make sawing through almost impossible. Window security bars can be fitted vertically or horizontally depending on the opening construction
  • ATTRACTIVE, DURABLE FINISH – Polyester powder coating in standard white with an optional range of alternative shades to compliment any colour scheme. The construction and PPC paint finish results in very low levels of required maintenance once installed
  • NO PLANNING PERMISSION – window security bars are not usually subject to any planning permission (however, please do double check with your relevant landlord and contacts)
  • RANGE OF SIZES – Flat packed ready for delivery and installation, our Anti-Burglar Bars are available in sizes ranging from 100mm to 2600mm wide and 200mm to 3000mm high

Window Security Bar Installation 

Made to measure, Anti-Burglar Bars can be fitted to the reveal of a window, face fixed onto the surface of the reveal or a combination of the two. They can also be fitted vertically or horizontally.

This is important to specify at the point of order, as it determines where the fixing holes are to be placed so that they can be pre-drilled prior to delivery. Where the height of the barrier exceeds 1000mm, a middle box section is used for additional support.

Each individual solid steel bar is 20mm in diameter and has been designed to rotate through 360 degrees to make attack very difficult.

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