Retractable Security Grilles

Retractable Security GrilleHM Group provide a wide range of made to measure retractable security grilles for windows and doorways, to fit a variety of applications or security needs for residential, commercial, industrial or office units.

We also offer a range of window security screens and window security bars which cover a wide variety of needs for offices, residential, commercial or industrial properties.

If you’re unsure of exactly what you require, we’re always happy to advise and can provide a site survey to measure the exact opening sizes and assess your security needs.

The CX Retractable Grille Range

CX Retractable Grille Features:

    • CROSSLINX RIVETLESS SYSTEM – Providing a more attractive & stronger alternative to rivets. This allows a tight stacking depth in a fraction of the overall width. Available in single or pairs of units
    • HIGH QUALITY LOCKS – Easy to use, patented multi-point slam shut lock with anti-jemmy security strip, providing outstanding protection from crowbar or lever attack. Any number of grilles can be operated with a single key
    • ATTRACTIVE, DURABLE FINISH – Finished with high quality polyester powder coating paint. Provided in standard white, with an optional range of alternative shades to compliment any colour scheme. The strong, reliable construction and durable finish means extremely low maintenance requirements once installed
    • NO PLANNING PERMISSION – CX grilles are not usually subject to any planning permission (however, please do double check with your relevant landlord and contacts)

CX0 Retractable Security Grilles

CX0 Retractable Security GrilleAn economical, padlocking diamond lattice security grille that’s best suited to domestic properties and holiday homes.

HM Group’s CX0 is a cost-effective method of securing windows and doors.

These retractable grilles provide a secure visual deterrent during periods where the property is unoccupied and can be discreetly stacked back during times of occupation.

CX1 Retractable Security Grilles

CX1 Retractable Security GrillesHoward Mitchell’s CX1 is an affordable diamond lattice security grille, specifically designed with appearance and safety in mind.

These grilles are suitable for domestic and commercial use, where LPCB certification is not required.

CX1 retractable security grilles provide a physical barrier for the protection of windows and doors, whilst being an effective visual deterrent.

Featuring a unique bottom rolling design for securing on all four sides. Available with optional lift-up or lift-out bottom tracks for maximum accessibility in doorways.

CX2 Retractable Security Grilles

CX2 Retractable Security Grille

LPCB Certified High Security Doors

Certified by the LPCB to LPS 1175 SR1, CX2 is the best selling accredited grille, suitable for most moderate security requirements.

The CX2 is manufactured and installed to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Secured By Design

Popular within retail and housing sectors, this attractive, curved lattice grille is ideal for both commercial and domestic properties.

Featuring an attractive curved lattice and a unique, top hung design for securing on all four sides.

Available with optional lift-up or lift-out bottom tracks for maximum accessibility in doorways (please note this does invalidate insurance rating).

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